How it works

At Future Champions we provide Agents with a comprehensive exclusive report on potential salespeople who have expressed an interest in a career in real estate sales.

You invite your recruits/trainees to create their own profile.  As they have been referred to Future Champions by you, all contact details and results will be provided exclusively to your company only.

It is a simple process where potential sales recruits provide us with some basic personal details and work history, answer some relevant career based questions and complete our Personality Profile.

We explore their motivation to become a real estate salesperson, previous successes in other areas of life and their local area knowledge and networks.

The Personality Profile is designed to identify traits and characteristics specific to success in real estate sales.   Candidates will also be sent a link to complete the "full" Real Estate Simulator. This is a unique on-line assessment comprised of video simulations depicting prospecting and selling situations. At a critical point in each job scenario, the participant is asked to indicate how he/she would deal with the situation. 

The system statistically compares their responses to top performing agents and generates a detailed report. The report provides a graph on a candidate’s overall suitability for the role along with graphs that demonstrate a person’s strengths and weaknesses in several key areas essential to success in real estate sales.

These include building rapport, managing the sales process, closing skills and more!

The detailed personality profile covers areas such as sociability, assertiveness, achievement, dependability and emotional resilience.

Click below for example reports.

Future Champions Overview

Personality Profile

Full Simulator Report

 For further information, please call Gary Beesley in our Adelaide office on +61 8 8232 2220.